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Elon Intelligent Masturbator With Heat, Up & Down Movement

659 kr

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Elon Intelligent Masturbator With Heat, Up & Down Movement

- 10 vibrationsprogrammer

- 8 bevægelsestilstande

- Varmefunktion

- USB-genopladelig

- Kraftfuld motor

Discover Elon, the new advanced and intelligent male "MasturbaDron" designed by Intoyou. Elevate your pleasure to the next level with this extraordinary experience.

Elon is much more than a typical male masturbator. With top-quality materials in the market, its performance and durability are guaranteed to provide long-lasting satisfaction.

A wide variety of features make Elon your perfect companion for exploring and enjoying to the fullest. With 8 thrusting up and down motion modes, it perfectly simulates the sensation of a vagina, skilled mouth or hands. Additionally, it offers 10 vibration modes, adding an extra dimension to your masturbation sessions.

To bring you closer to reality, we've incorporated a heat function with two intensities, raising the temperature up to 42ºC for a warm and pleasurable sensation in just minutes. The best part is that all these functions are independent, allowing you to customize your experience as you desire.

But that's not all. Elon comes equipped with a 360º rotating mobile accessory, perfect for enjoying your favorite movies hands-free. Compatible with all types of mobile devices, it's the ideal choice for a more immersive experience.

Its futuristic and interactive design will surprise you. Resembling a gaming console controller, its oscillating side supports can be adjusted for maximum comfort. The "play" buttons add a touch of fun and entertainment to your experience.

Elon is much more than a simple erotic toy; it's a thrilling experience that will become your favorite in no time. Once you try it, you'll be pleasantly obsessed with it, in a healthy and enjoyable way.

Remember to keep Elon's sleeve clean before and after each use, as it's easily removable for proper hygiene. For a super wet and pleasurable night, we recommend using lubricants.

Don't hesitate any longer! Below, you'll find an explanatory video showcasing all the wonders of Elon. Rush to buy it and never stop enjoying every moment!

  • Interactive and intelligent masturbator with advanced technology.
  • 8 thrusting Up and Down motion modes.
  • 10 vibration modes.
  • 2 heat functions with temperatures up to 42ºC.
  • Independent functions for a personalized experience.
  • Oscillating side supports for maximum control.
  • 360º rotating mobile accessory.
  • Powerful motor for exceptional performance.
  • Excellent quality for a long-lasting experience.
  • Easy-to-remove and clean sleeve.
  • Futuristic and interactive "Game Play" design.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Silent: <60 dB for discreet enjoyment.

Masturbator med motor

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